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This webpage acts as a digital record of my thoughts and interests. I'm hoping that as these things shift, this webpage will also grow to reflect said changes. By taking you all along for the journey, I aim to gain new, likeminded friends. Below lies a chatbox if you wish to leave a remark, and a guestbook to be signed on your way out. If you enjoy my page, feel free to follow me.

Please note that the everchanging nature of this website means that it will never truly be complete. I cannot promise consistency with updates , but i will try my best to make sure things stay neat and tidy. For serious inquiries you can contact me here, although I am not the best at replies.

Please enjoy your stay
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1|12|24 - Blogspace
Added blog page plus entries

1|3|24 - About the Webmaster
About page officially up. Several design tweaks here and there to go in tandem.

12|20|23 - Overhaul
Redid every page (including guestbook) and added a splash. will work on new stuff asap. love you guys

11|3|23 - V.3.0. release
after a very long 8 months i present to the public a brand new layout! a lot has gone on since we have last spoken and i am very eager to get all of it into a blog to catch up with you all. i promise i will be better at updates this time around :p

3|3|23 - V.2.0. tweaks
Teased with layout just a tiny bit, added Self Insert Webring! I still really fucking hate the layout though. expect a change eventually

2|9|23 - V.2.0. release
Layout 2.0 is finally done with and released! With newfound experience, more pages will come quickly and with ease

1|22|23 - V.1.0. tweaks
Created guestbook + updates/To-do boxes

1|21|23 - V.1.0. tweaks
Added navbar, 404 page, updated logo & cursors

9|22|21 - release
Site's birthday : )
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